Covalp proposes technical solutions for bioriented film producers.

We offer a wide range of services matching your needs, adapted for a demanding and dynamic industry:

  • machine and process analysis
  • design for modifications or replacement
  • spare parts and custom parts manufacturing
  • start-up and validation for new equipment and specialty film
  • system maintenance
  • rapid repair and troubleshooting operation
  • supervisory and mechanical engineers for installation

“Proactive and Reactive”, we will minimize your shutdown time.


To optimize your machine performance, we propose to :
  • audit your production facility
  • update your systems
  • perform fine tuning of your regulations and flows
  • improve process control
  • increase output
  • solve quality and consistency problems
  • train operating and technical staff
  • improve energy efficiency significantly with and without modifications

improve your profitability


It is a fact, you need a machine to be in perfect running order to guarantee a first quality product for the long term. To do so we propose several different services to support you in this challenge:
  • global technical audit
  • preventive maintenance plan
  • updates, calibrations
  • expert assistance
  • corrective service and troubleshooting (rapid-response time)
  • replacement of custom and spare parts

Where possible we will propose system improvements (efficiency, standardization, safety).

sustain your performance


Revamping, equipment modification, based on your internal studies or starting from your specifications. For your project, we can :

  • prequalify and propose solution
  • study and validate contractual performance guarantees
  • perform equipment calculation
  • define P&ID
  • manufacture
  • implement
  • start production after modification and perform tests

You have the idea, we have the innovation!

fulfil your objective